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[Co-Op Project] YuGiOh- United World


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Hey guys,


at the moment there are no cards here... but also like the Card Maker War I wanted to start something educational... so kiddos arent just playing, they are learning too ... with fun ....


So let me explain OUR Project ( Helping this would be great ) ....


This Edition/Set/Booster is called "United World"... I think it will have 1000+ Cards or more....


What is this Edition about: Like the name tells this card explains mostly the world. You can add monster/trap/spells which explains some people/buildings/Machines/Inventions from every country here.


Exmpl: Field Spell "White House" or Trap Card like "Pentagon" can be posted here. And monster can be Jets, Important People ect. So we could have something like "Tokyo Tower" and "Mount Everest" and so on....


So the basic concept is that this card cancels all prejudice about some countries ect. You know what I am telling 'bout


so what you think ? Should this be pinned and we start explaining the world with everything in it ?

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Yeah.... that is why this is a project... you know the place you're living the best. So you could make cards based on it easily... People not living there dunno what u r talking about .... so make cards of it and they know what kind of place.... and YEAH... not only a whole country or continent can be posted. Rivers, Towns, Hills ect. are also good to be seen so this edition will get more and more cards.....

Starting the project... I show one of the multiple selectable boosters:


Number of Cards: ????


This would be mine pack containings cards presenting you the country of germany.... national bird is the eagle like the booster displays....


so there will follow a pack of many other countrys.... Japan, China, India, U.S.A , Canada, Australia and so on... Cause there are many ppl like me who are frightened to fly by plane, we could present many places in our cards...

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alright' date=' well, I guess I have America then.



lol I think not only you have America... many other ppl will have America too ^^ . Thats why this is a co-op project... People can add cards which they think are good .... We dont want bad or unfair cards like the White House is immortal or something like this... so cards can be denied if you think they are not good... but first one question:


Should monster be vanillas ? Or should we add some effects ? Only Vanilla with Place/Town/bla Description of effect monster ?




We will then have a booster-set maybe with "Texas Burst" and "Shining Utah" ect. that is not ONLY you will have America ^^

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kk I just hought that when we only have effect monster , it wouldnt explain something and only vanillas is boring... we could make important people ritual monster that can only be summoned by tributing the place vanilla. Like playing "Calling President" then tributing 1 "White House" and ritual-summon Obama .... like this .... but okay .... look where r u living and try to make a good booster =)... then we can start making cards


Another Question: How to keep them in order ? This is a HUGE project so we will have about 1000 cards ore more... we cant just spoiler them and hide them :/

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okay but I dont have time for it the next 2 weeks :/ . So lets start organizing ?


everlasting starts with the Booster containing Cards explaining America


simpson7 what u wanna take ?


Blazing_Hiiro and what about u ?


People please join this.... its not like fictional Cards or something .... this is something specific =)

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