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Morphtronic Core


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This picture doesn't look super-Morphtronicy, but whatever.


I'm into making cards that support existing Decks. My current tournament deck is Morphtronics. They can be ridiculously fast at times, but some of their flaws stick out when playing them. Hence, this card.






Criticism and comments always appreciated. Thanks.



I plan on making more cards for now. Just a heads up. =O

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I love morphtronics, fun to use. This isn't bad at all. It's basicly your, well, basic morphtronic, cept, I'd like to think you can do better with the name...Even a clock had Clocken, radio had Radian, try to think of something for Core XD

The pic is ok, but I feel like you can do better...


I like the effect and card tho =D

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