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The Youtube Poop Deck!


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This Deck Contains Most of the Youtube Poop Stars. Still Working on em but i thought i could show you some and see what you guys think!


Deck Total:21


Loz Ytps: The King, Mah Boi(Spell), Gwanom,Dinner(Spell),Ganon,Morshu, Mmm(Spell),Rupees(Spell)


Hotel Mario Ytps: Toast(Spell), Luigi, MaMa Luigi(Ritual),Spaghetti(Spell)

(Mario was supposed to be in there But cant find him).


Lazar Collection (Not Ytps but needed to be in there): Shoop Da Whoop



MeMe (again not a ytp):Pedo Bear,Pedo Approves(Spell)


Sonic the HedgeHog Ytps:Sonic, Dr.Robotnik, Robotniks Carrier(Spell)



??? (Very Very Rare Cards): Weegee, Chuck Norris

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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