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aM I CraZy?! No.......not yet at least


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Monsters: 18

x3 RD

x2 RDD

x3 Pegasus

x2 Tiger

x2 Cat

x1 Ruby

x1 Mammoth

x1 Tortise

x1 Eagle

x2 Summoner Monk


Spells: 18

x2 Ruins

x3 Beacon

x2 Tree

x2 Blessing

x2 Promise

x3 Rare Value

x1 Reborn

x1 MST

x2 Abudance


Traps: 5

x2 Rainbow Path

x2 Rainbow Gravity

x1 Torrental


Total: 41


a CB deck running rainbow and rainbow dark, WHAT THE HELL AM I THINKING?!

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