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The Association Of Master Duelists-New Members Needed

Curse Sasuke

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I made this because I feel us "good duelists" need a club so basicly anyone can join you just have to post the best card in your deck/extra deck and the type of deck you run.


From there we will have random events like card contests and schedueled duels between some of our members.


Also you will have to have our logo in your in a spoiler.


[spoiler=Our Logo]23m956a.jpg

I am part of the Association of Master Duelists



The words have to be exact and you can customize the pic any way you see fit.


If you have any questions pm me. :)


In case you heard about the card contest it is being postponed until we have at least 3 people participating when the new one happens any one can be in it not just members.



-Hollow Ichigo

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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