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Partner Plant Deck


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This Deck NEVER duels alone it is used as a partner to my Plant Deck (to see that search my name and look for it!) when my friends and i play doubles. Basicly its cards i couldn't fit in my Plant Deck which has 51 cards. some cards may not make sence if you havn't seen my Plant Deck. If there are any forbbidden cards please tell me because i havn't updated my decks since i read the new list.... have fun!


Total Cards:44




Evil Thorn x1

Copy Plant x1

Samsara Lotus x1

Nettles x1

Phoenixian Seed x2

Wall Of Ivy x2

Horseytail x1

Silent Strider x1

Noisy Gnat x1

Hedge Guard x1

Botanical Girl x2

Gigantic Cephalotus x1



The World Tree x1

Seed Of Deception x3

Seed Cannon x2

Fragrance Storm x2

Miracle Fertilizer x2

Wonder Clover x2

Super Solar Nutrient x2

Thorn Of Malice x1

Forest x1

Assault Teleport x1

Goblin's Seacret Remedy x1

The Shallow Grave x1

Gravekeeper's Servant x1



Plant Food Chain x3

Ivy Shackles x2

Pollinosis x1

Assault Mode Activate x1

A Hero Emerges x1

Deal Of Phantom x1


All Done

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