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Thanks to Красная Луна for the idea.


Ok the rules are to make a card. Any card you can think of. The only thing is, it has to be in a forgein language! (duh, the title gave it away)


Entry fee is 10 points (also i have another contest running so in the reason put 'forgein contest')


End date is Sept 5



1st- 3 reps + 30 pts

2nd- 2 reps + 20 pts

3rd- 1 rep + 10 pts


[spoiler=Optional Languages]









The only requirements to the card is:

-to be in another language

-good pic and ocg

-YCM rulez

-and you need to submit an english translated copy of the card as well (and i will check if its translated correctly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)


ps you dont need to put the diacritic or accents cause, well, you cant...





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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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