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Vampire deck(bloodlust)


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made a vampire deck need help this is what i came up With.needs alot of halp want to stay with the vampire theme ok. please help and give sugestions.



1 mezuki

2 paladin of the cursed dragon

1 plaguespreader zombie

3 pyramid turtle

1 spirit reaper

2 vampire genesis

2 vampire lady

3 vampire lord

3 vampire's curse

3 zombie master



2 allure of darkness

3 book of life

1 burial from a different dimension

2 call of the mummy

1 card of safe return

1 heavy storm

1 lightning vortex

1 moster reborn

1 mystical space typhoon

1 pot of greed



1 mirror force

3 threatening roar

1 torrential tribute


-extra deck(15)

generic synchros

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i was looking at my old cards and i saw my vampirelord and vampire genesis cards and i thought it would be cool to make a vampire' date='zombie deck includind vampire lord,vampire genesis,vampire lady, and vampire curse. but when i make the deck it comes out all wrong can any one help and give me a good deck list with the vampire cards. thank you for your help.


List Everything u got 1st

vampire lord

vampire genesis

vampire lady

vampire curse

or is this it

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Z-World swam is better for zombies these days. But if absolutely must use the vampire line, here’s what I came up with:


Monsters: 21

2x Vampire Genesis

3x Vampire Lord

2x Ryo Kokki

2x Vampire’s Curse

2x Paladin of the Cursed Dragon

3x Pyramid Turtle

2x Vampire Lady

1x Mezuki

1x Plaguespreader Zombie

2x Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower

1x Spirit Reaper


Spells: 14

3x Book of Life

2x Allure of Darkness

1x Monster Reborn

1x Card of Safe Return

1x Heavy Storm

1x Mystical Space Typhoon

1x Lightning Vortex

2x Call of the Mummy

1x Pot of Avarice

1x Burial from a Different Dimension


Traps: 5

1x Mirror Force

1x Torrential Tribute

3x Threatening Roar


Extra: 15



Not perfect by a long shot, but the best I could come up with in a short amount of time.

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