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Me Gardens overflowing with cheap plants O.o


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It is a budget Plant OTK Deck.........


Help Please (cheaply) :D


Monsters 20

3x Rose Tentacles

3x Lonefire Blossom

2x Gigaplant

3x Wall of Ivy

2x Seed of Flame

3x Copyplant

3x Hedge Guard

1x Gigantic Cephalotus

(please don't give up with me yet :D)


Spells 12

3x Thorne of Malice

1x Monster Reborn

3x Fragrance Storm

1x Lightning Vortex

2x Seeds of Deception

1x Heavy Storm

1x Swords of Revealing Light

(I sense people giving up O.o)


Traps 9

3x Ivy Shackles

3x Pollonosis

1x Bamboo Scraps

2x Wall of Thorns

(Just Wait for a second if your about to give up and help me :D)



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