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contest is finished


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In this contest, you need to make the best dragonball Z cards. The enterance fee is 3 points, the prize is 15 points and 2 rep point. The Second place is 5 points and 1 rep point. Quite low, i know. But this is for easy points. Anyone can join. No steeling other peoples ideas or making fun of other contestants. This is DragonBall Z. Not Dragonball, or Dragonball gt, but DragonBall z. End date is in 5 days. You may make maximum of 5 cards.the more cards, the more chance of winning.


Good luck and try your best.



tail12345 (15 cards)

TDA-great (15 Cards)

Kurevin (5 Cards)


judging starts august 18. You will be informed by pm if you won or not.

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if you want, sure. I dont see why not.


Pm me if you want to do something similar. THis is for all contestants.

3 points-5 cards

6 Points-10 cards

10 points-15 cards

20 points- as many cards as you want (dont see any point for this)


the more cards you make, the more chance you have of winning

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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