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The Future is Wild! (new set idea)

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So, since I was working at the Discovery Channel Store, and they had a miniseries playing called "The Future is Wild". and for those of you who are not too familiar with that show, here's the gist:


Scientists from all around the world have plotted and studied how life has evolved over time, and used that knowledge to simulate a possible future of the Earth, where man, and most animals we know of today, have gone extinct. The series is broken into 3 parts: 5 million years from now, 100 million years from now, and 200 million years from now.


From that, I came up with the idea of creating those animals as YuGiOh cards.. tell me what you think...


The following cards are from the first period, 5 million years, the animals of the ice-covered Europe:









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whoa' date=' you guys have waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too much time on your hands. :?[/quote']

oh yeah he does


Hey, it pays to have graduated High School...


Unfortuantly, my life is kinda boring a the present, so i have nothin better to do...


God I so need a girlfriend...

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Alright guys... next set... and the next area of th three era series.


The second set was far into the future than the last one.. which was only a very shrt 5 million years. This set is 100 million years. In that time, the earth is largely unrecognizable, with africa now in two section moving away from each other, and the continets ont eh prowl. The biggest shock is from Antarctica, which has moved up to a troipal climate, and Australia, which has rammed far north into Japan, Alaska, Canada, and the Western US. Sydney is practically next to Los Angeles.

If you recall from my last set.. the earth was in an ice age 5 Million years from now. 95 million years later, Global Warming has melted the ice, and has heated teh climet, giving the planet a climite similar to the climate of the early triassic and pre dinosaur area. Because of this, the ice is non existant, and the ocean have flooded quite a bit fo teh dry land, creating vast areas of shallow seas and swamps.


This section deal with one of teh most prominant feature of the earth 100 million years from now: The Future Swamps.















Hope you enjoy.. the next set will up soon.

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Yeah I meant to mention that...


Unfortunatly the quality picutre are owned by discovery... and are copyrighted. And these images are few to begin with.


What I did is take the DVD and have taken snapshots.. however you can see where the problem lies.. its hard to get a clear shot, even if you do frame by frame... movement is annoying.

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Teh previous set I showed you was actually entitled "The Bengal Swamp" and as its name refers, in 100 million years time, the Bay of Bengal is cut off from the sea due to eastern africa and madagascar.


This next set here is also from the 100 million years time period. This is another generic group... the Shallow Seas. Enjoy!










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