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Yugioh GXA(Generation Next Afterwards).Students Need(Closed)


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I have a storyline for the story but i'm not very good with the students so could you make some for me instead (Try to be different)(can be good or evil)(15 needed only). CLOSED, ENDED ....WHATEVER....


make like this...








(you can use ones you made up as well)


After this I might write the story in another post.

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I herby give permission for Ironhand to use one of my many ingenious characters for his fac fic and will not make any attmepts to complain if he mis uses them in any way.


Name: Joshinyu Tenshi (prefers to be called Josh)

Age: 17

Dorm: Obelisk

Gender: Male

Appearance: http://i162.photobucket.com/albums/t270/TotalObelisk/Josh.jpg

Deck: Spellcaster (PM me if you want the card list)

Bio: Has been dueling since he could read, he has a calm and relaxed attitude and never gets too far ahead of himself. He knows where to draw the line, respects all his opponent's but duels without any mercy. Acts like a loner.

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Name: Robin Amaru

Age: 15 (just turned 15)

Dorm: Slifer Red

Gender: Male

Appearence: short jet black(scruffy)hair, deep blue eyes, small nose, adverage ears, medium mouth.

Medium build, adverage height and all the other things adverage.

Clothes: you can make it up (just like half casual half formal like.)

Deck: E-Heros (if you want a list, PM me)

Bio: Serious and funny, knows when to be serious and when to be funny, like not being funny in a serious situation.

cares for everyone, even enemys and rivals. warm hearted person and quite confident. likes to act than to think.


Anything else?, just PM me.

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I am going to fix this:


Rachael Kegan


Obelisk Blue


Very social, many friends, and best female in Obelisk Blue. Long blonde hair. Tall and thin. One younger brother who looks up to her. Smart (but not a genius) and wears a long red shirt, with red lace at bottom, and long black pants.



Hope you like this! :D

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Name: Sarion Striker

Age: 15

Dorm: Ra

Gender: Male

Appearance: Wears black all the time. Has long Yellow Hair. Posseses the Millenium Bracelet.

Deck: Same as Sarah but edited a bit

Bio: People belive he isn't human as one day he appeared and was raised by Zane. He never lost to his Step Father nor any one else.

He wishes to be best in the universe and his dark side wishes to rule the universe.

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Name: Sarah Trusdale

Age: 13

Dorm: Ra

Gender: Female

Appearance: Long, Black Hair. Wears a purple top with a pink jacket and black pants.

Deck: Random, Very Powerful

Bio: Is the only person her step brother, Sarion, has lost to and she only won once. She is Zanes real daughter. She has only lost to Zane and Sarion.

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NAME: Iraga


DORM: Slifer


AGE: 14


DESCRIPTION(if chibi: additional characteristics): The "Runt of the litter", small for his age, never tans(rarely goes outside).


PERSONALLITY: Kind and loyal to everyone, even thoes who bully him. ( he can see duel spirits )


DECK TYPE(post set cards are from, or just their entire deck): http://forum.yugiohcardmaker.net/viewtopic.php?t=2248 + staple cards (mirror force, negate attack, ect.)


HISTORY(ext.): He is the school dork who never wins anything, then one day a half-dead guy comes up to him and begs him for money or food and he gives it to him. The man turns out to be Seto Kiba and gives him a duel disk and a deck of the finest cards money can buy, he takes the disk but turns down the deck, saying " I want to try this on my own and start from scratch like all the other kids out there." Kiba agrees but gives him $150 to get himself started. Iraga accepts,

He Was a Dueling Natural


FAVORITE CARD: Mage of Dragons-Iraga (same name thing...)


CHIBI(optional): tek0705083cd016wv8.png

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