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The Ryu Kokki Deck


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Monsters: x19


Ryu Kokki

Ryu Kokki

Ryu Kokki


Pyramid Turtle

Pyramid Turtle

Pyramid Turtle

Giant Rat

Giant Rat

Giant Rat

Exiled Force

Exiled Force

Treeborn Frog

Spirit Reaper

Nimble Momonga

Nimble Momonga

Nimble Momonga

Mystic Swordsman LV2

D.D. Warrior Lady



Spell Cards: x15


Snatch Steal

Premature Burial

Nobleman of Crossout

Ekibyo Drakmord

Mystical Space Typhoon

Tribute of the Doomed

Smashing Ground

Lightning Vortex

Lightning Vortex

Swords of Revealing Light

Heavy Storm

Brain Control

Book of Life




Trap Cards: x6


Bottomless Trap Hole

Sakuretsu Armor

Call of the Haunted

Ultimate Offering

Magic Cylinder

Royal Decree

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ur alowed up to three book of lifes i think also its a good deck but u need to make a couple of changes to its layout coz ur missing some important cards for a zombie deck coz u seem to have it wrong, coz come'on u missed out on the ultimate zombie card vampire lord. also u dont need 3 Ryu Kokki 2 will do just nicly. heres a zombie deck that i made for my m8 and he now uses it as his fav deck. u may want to consider using it coz its very annoying. i'm thinking of running it aswell coz is u fit in three sell of the forbiden spells and compulary evacuation device u would have a gd anti demise otk.


monsters - 18


3| cyber dragon

2| Ryu Kokki

1| Vampire Lord


3| Pyramid Turtle

3| Giant Rat

2| Soul - Absorbing Bone Tower - don't diss, this can send 6 cards off ur opponents deck very quickly.

1| Sangan

1| Spirit Reaper

2| Exiled Force

1| drillroid


spells - 16

3| Book of Life - alsum reborn card + puls u remove a monster in the graveyard from play

2| Enemy controller

2| monster reincarnation

1| Heavy Storm

1| mystical space typhoon

1| Snatch Steal

2| Shrink

1| Call of the Mummy

1| Smashing Ground

1| Lightning Vortex

1| pot of avarice


traps - 6

1| Torrential Tribute

2| dust tornado

1| Bottomless Trap Hole

1| Sakuretsu Armor

1| Call of the Haunted

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