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Scary Lady

Space Ghost

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Heres my first card. Heres the text if its too small: This monster cannot be normal summoned or set. This monster may only be special summoned by paying half your lifepoints and removing 4 fiend monsters in your graveyard from play. You must remove the top card of your deck from play during your standby phase, otherwise this card is removed from play until your next standby phase (this effect occurs each turn). This monster cannot be destroyed as a result of battle, damage calculations are applied normally. You may remove the top 2 cards of your deck from play to prevent this card from being destroyed by a card effect or a magic/trap effect.


I kind of re-wrote the text right here because I thought that it needed some tweaking, but its about the same for the most part.


So what do you think? :)

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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