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I hear what you mean (On the Heroscape) since its fun to play by house rules :) , also thanks I somehow ended up from making a Reaper character into a Vampire Hunter or Vampire Lord character (Almost like a chibi character from Castlevania), also interesting skeleton character

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Now I don't know what I was thinking for this idea that popped into my head but I thought why not they don't really got much except a appearnce:


Character Name: Lord Adramelech

Skills/Spells: Twin Fangs Of Darkness, Shadow Double, Slicing Whip Of Hell, Transformation Wolf, Scythe Twister, Tower Of Hells Flames, Blood Detection, Vampiric Bite.


Skill/Spell Description:


Twin Fangs Of Darkness

Element: Darkness


Covering both swords with souls from the underworld and darkness which grants the caster a double attack with 8 foot long blades of darkness and souls, when a enemy hit by blade a random status problem acures: Curse, Blind (Weight is not heavier)


Shadow Double

Element: Darkness

Spell (20 MP)

Creates an exact duplicate of self from shadows.

Slicing Whip Of Hell

Element: Darkness


Darkness holding up 1 blade while you hold another in hand while the darkness is flexible for blade when you move the other thus creating a long whip blade when hit a certain number of times status problem acures: Curse.


Transformation Wolf

Element: Earth


Transforms self into a pitch black wolf, speed enhanced by 10%.


Scythe Twister

Element: Wind

Spell (50 MP)

Summons a twister of scythes that spin and follow the enemy until the caster is hit, the caster of this cannot move, if hit 5 times status problem acures: Slow Down 10%

Tower Of Hells Flames

Element: Fire/Darkness

Spell (200 MP)

Creates a fiery tower that spins towards the enemy, the caster can move freely while spell is active, if the enemy should be hit 10 times by this the enemy recives the status problem acures: Flame wounds.


Blood Detection

Element: None


Able to sniff the blood that is either old or new that is up to 20 feet away.


Vamparic Bite

Element: Darkness


Bites the neck of a victem and drains some blood, restores 50 HP, a victem bitten by this has a 50% chance of turning into a vampire or 50% they won't.



(The little boy sprite in my signature)


Level: 87 (highest level possible for anyone 113)

Main Element: 97% in Darkness

Race: Half Vampire, Half Human

Class: Mercenary (For humans or vampires anyway)

Sub Class: Sorcerer

Character Age: 105 (hes half vampire so his lifespan would increase and so would his aging process would slow down so he looks a lot younger then he really is like he would be age 20 to people who didn't know)

Weapon(s): Twin Noblemen Blades

HP: 850

MP: 400


Background Story:He was abounded when he was a newborn child for he would have become food for some of the wolves if it weren't for a old couple who came along and rescued him and speeded the other way away from the wolves in this large grassy area who the wolves had just missed their dinner. Later threw out his life he was picked on by some of the other village kids for his eyes were blood moon red as well as his outer apperance for it was almost as though he had hardly aged a day as the kids had threw stones at him. While growing up threw out his life he learned many lessons him want to beat them up he didn't this was because his human emotions have and still taken a long stroll threw out his life. Later in his life when he was alot older and his foster parents had sadly past away, though he first got a job as a apperntince to a sorcerrer who taught him many things about the ancient arcane spells, this lasted for 10 years until he had learened as much as he could from his master who was human and headed off to become a mercenary which he had meet a woman who was a skilled fighter. She taught him many things about fighting which even though he didn't have the proper strength for certain weapons his speed and dodgbility were very uncanny, above average one might say. He later within 6 years learned how to use his arcanic magic with his two blades to enhance his fighting power for what he lacked. His trainer had volunteered for a war that was going on which was the last time he had saw her. He has been hired by not just humans to clear the so called "Monsters" that inhabaited areas but also by the vampires for he seemed fit at times to be a guard for the head vampire even if it may only be for a year or two. His life currently is still the same, a mercerany with skilled magic and fighting that is either seen as the hunter or the protecter.

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(Sorry for double post I couldn't resist making my original sprite character have a longer and more messed up story so here she, is his enemy)


Character Name: Archangel Charmeine

Skills/Spells: Holy Barrier, Tears of Heaven, Eye Of Heaven, Shield Of The Holy Spirit, Holy Chains Of Restraint, Force Of Nature, Super Hearing, Detection Of Evil Aura.


Skill/Spell Description:


Holy Barrier

Element: Light

Spell (100 MP)

Caster generates a 360 degree barrier that protects the caster from status problem and darkness.

Tears Of Heaven

Element: Light

Spell (50 MP)

Caster gains 100 HP and 100 MP as a shower of light sprinkles over the caster.

Eye Of Heaven

Element: Fire/Light

Spell (80 MP)

Caster shoots a beam of flames that heads straight towards the enemy and if hit a status problem acures: Flame Wounds


Shield Of The Holy Spirit

Element: Light

Spell (150 MP)

Creates a shield that covers the front of the caster and repels attacks back to the source of the enemy who caused it.


Holy Chains Of Restraint

Element: Light

Spell (120)

Restrains a enemy for as long as the casters will with chains of light energy formed as chains.


Force Of Nature

Element: Earth

Spell (300 MP)

Summons a huge guardian of the forest stone, vine and dirt material golemn that protects its caster till death/destruction.


Super Hearing

Element: None


Can hear even the slightest sound even if its to quite for normal ears of a human or dog from up to 100 feet.


Detection Of Evil Aura

Element: Light


Can naturally sense the presence of a evil aura at will, 24/7 of the time.



(The little girl sprite in my signature)


Level: 96

Main Element: 99% in Light

Race: Half Angel, Half Elf

Class: Cleric

Sub Class: Crusader

Character Age: 159 (Same with the vampire, human character except for her she ages even slower then normal elves so she be like age 23)

Weapon(s): Heaven's Keyblade

HP: 750

MP: 1050


Background Story:

Not much is known about her past though what is known is that about 20 years back she was going to be engaged to Lord Adramelech, though the fact of the matter is that he happened to be off on his typical mercenary job for either humans or vampires and was gone for 3 years, while during this time she got very angry with and waited day after day at her garden for him to show up though he hardly did until one day when she decided to head to the inn to get a drink and she sees him living it up with 3 beer mugs next to him and on his fourth beer. They had a fight and the inn ended up needing major repairs. She had and kept her word that she would drive Adramelech's with any weapon available to her even if it means she should as well fall in the process, even if she does sort of love him still. Don't let her look fool you she may look innocent though she has one very nasty temper. She had received this weird blade from a person who went threw a dimension even though he didn't give a name and was with what appeared to be a weird dog with a shield and a duck with a wand who had told about many stories about his adventures of how he had recently was with two of his friends after dealing with 13 of these goons in black cloaks. (Ironically her name is for symbolization of loving one another but she hates 1 specific person.)

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seriously I did not intend on adding HP, MP, all that game stuff I just thought basically this for the two of them (What would suit them best...) that about it and as for a list of spells thats going to be a headache worth in work (as in their is infinite possibility for spell names and stats that go with them)

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Okay here are some "Bosses" I thought on using


Final Boss: Life Harvester


Location: Black Hole Arena



7th Boss: Spirit Tamer


Location: Door Of Darkness



6th Boss: False Savior


Location: False Paradise



5th Boss: Slicing Chain


Location: Iron Tower Of Pain



4th Boss: Fire Embodiment


Location: Heart Of Volcano Valley



3rd Boss: Desert Soul


Location: Tumbleweed City



2nd Boss: Future Seer


Location: Levitating Fields



1st Boss: Weremancer


Location: Deadwood Forest




I guess I should be giving some answers on the body structures... they are manifestations or spirits as you like to call them that have taken near complete formed body's from observation for a long time of what had been happening threw out a certain time.

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