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Piccolo and his Fusions (DBZ)


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Piccolo Daimao, the Demon King. (From the original "Dragonball" Anime and Manga.)



EDIT: Ignore the typo, I will remake him :D Here's the Piccolo we're all familiar with. He's an okay normal monster. (From "Dragonball" and "Dragonball Z." Piccolo was created when Piccolo Daimao spat out an egg as he died. Piccolo is seen as a reincarnation and son of Piccolo Daimao.)



Here's Namek Warrior. A disposable monster only good for weakening your opponent. (From "The Nameks VS Frieza" Episode 35 Dragonball Z.)



Fusion-Powered Piccolo can save you in a tight spot. Apart from being a semi-powerful monster, his effect gives him great strength for one turn. (Piccolo Fuses with a dying Namek to give him the power to battle Frieza.)



Here's Kami, guardian of Earth and the light side of the original Kami. He split from Piccolo to purge all the evil from his body, however Piccolo Daimao was left as a being of pure evil and power.



Here's a second fusion of Piccolo. (From Piccolo's refusion with Kami during the Cell Saga.)

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Perhaps, but there are other Namek warriors during the Frieza saga so I didn't think it really mattered.


Hmm, maybe they changed it later on, I don't remember. But throughout the Saiyan and Namek saga they refer to them as "Nameks."


Krillin: "Those must be the Nameks."

Vegeta: "Don't kill the Namek, he still has to show us where the Dragonballs are."


I don't know if the changed it to "Namekian" afterwords. But it doesn't seem likely consideing "-ian" is an English suffix and the series is from Japan. But you never know what the dubbers might've done.

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