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My Ancient Gear Deck (and possibly more later)


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This is also a short introduction, I know i'm meant to do that in the introduction forum but it was already full of "Hi i'm such and such" and thats about it. So hi, i'm Raven :P


This is about version 3 of my deck, I don't have a lot of cards to work with yet so odds are you will all have your say on how I should replace this for that etc. but unfortunately I probably wont be able to. That doesn't mean i'm not looking foward to suggestions :)


Creatures x29

Ancient Gear x2

Ancient Gear Beast x2

Ancient Gear Engineer x2

Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Chimera

Ancient Gear Gadjiltron Dragon x2

Ancient Gear Golem x2

Ancient Gear Soldiers x2

Boot-Up Soldier - Dread Dynamo x2

Cyber Phoenix x2

Gear Golem the Moving Fortress

Green Gadget x2

Heavy Mech Support Platform x3

Red Gadget x2

The Trojan Horse

Yellow Gadget x2


Traps x10

Cemetary Bomb

Magic Cylinder

Rare Metalmorph x2

Roll Out!

Sakuretsu Armor x3

Stronghold the Moving Fortress

Ultimate Offering


Spells x21

Ancient Gear Castle x2

Ancient Gear Drill

Ancient Gear Factory

Ancient Gear Fist

Ancient Gear Tank x2

Ancient Gear Workshop

Creature Swap

Enemy Controller x2


Gaia Power

Heavy Storm

Lightning Vortex

Limiter Removal x2

Machine Duplication x2

Mystical Space Typhoon

Pot of Avarice


I will post any major updates on my deck when I can, and if all goes according to plan I will post a Cyber Dragon deck later.

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