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Do you seriously think you're most wanted? I'm actually number 1 on the ******* FBI most wanted list. I'll break yo face, have u *** runnin.......



You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house

And if you got a glass jaw you should watch yo mouth

Cause I'll break yo face

Have yo ass runnin, mumblin to the J

You goin ?gainst me dog, you makin a mistake, I'll split ya

Leave ya lookin like the Michael Jackson jackets wit all them zippers

I'm the boss on this boat, you can call me skipper

The way I turn the money over, you should call me flipper

Yo ***** a regular *****, you callin her wifey

I ****** and feed her fast food, you keeping her icey

I'm down to sell records but not my soul

Snoop said this in '94, ?We don't love them hoes"

I got pennies for my thoughts now I'm rich

See the twenties spinnin lookin mean on the six

****** wearin flags cause the colors match they clothes

They get caught in the wrong hood, they get filled up wit holes

Mother ******




Welcome Most-Wanted :wink:

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