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Legend of Zelda Card Contest! +3 rep to winner!!


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This contest will run to thursday and the prize is +3 rep!

The rules are as follows:

1. The creator must be "Jordami .Inc".

2. You must make 5 cards.

3. No more or less than 5 cards.

4. AT LEAST 1 Magic card.

5. AT LEAST 2 trap cards.

6. AT LEAST 1 monster.

7. reasonable ATK and DEF.

8. One of the trap or magic cards MUST support

AT LEAST 1 of your monsters.

9. The set ID must be 5 NUMBERS / 5 NUMBERS

10. You can have up to 3 entries NO MORE but you can

have less.


Ther will be a second prize of 2 rep, and a third prize of 1.

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Their 5' date=' happy now? (I kind of forgot that rule and went a lil overboard with card making well it was to fun to pass up making cards for Legend Of Zelda) :D[/quote']

it's ok i probably would have got so wraped up and wuld probably keep on making more and more until someone reminded me, but don't worry you fixed it so no harme done. :)

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Death12328 nice entry. I'm guessing your a Zelda fan?


All the way back to the first game (The Legend Of Zelda "Yea that be the title") plus the cartoon for it :)

I have The Legend or Zelda Twilight Princess (Wii) , Ocriena of Time (Virtual Console), Link to the Past (Virtual Consol), Wind Waker (GC), and Minish Cap (GBA) and when i can get more wii points i am going to get the first one, and any others if they have them out yet on VC

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