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Since the fans asked for it - PRIMAL KURIBOH OF ANUBIS


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OK, since the fans have asked for it...well OPLO and TAIGA3 did. I've decided to make a ONE OFF Secret Rare Card for this set.

This is the first FULL card I have made, YES including the ARTWORK. Very proud of this card.

So here is ITD-000.


Primal Kuriboh of Anubis.



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Thanks for the quick comments.


I never knew Kuriboh was so popular. This was going to be part of my next Set. And now I know you liked it I think I may be making a few more to go with it. Only made the "The Trouble with Kuribohs" card in my last set to go with the Kuriboh cards that TotalObelisk made, but I think I could maybe get round to doing some more.

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