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Legacy of Time [Booster Idea]


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Hopefullly... they will be good. My hope is that these cards will be good enough to actually be placed in to the REAL yugioh game. Please... give feedback on them! Also, Please rate your favorites from 1-10 in Playability, Art, Originality, and Theme.




There will be special 'types' in this set. These types have 'Innate' effects. These innate effects cannot be negated, no matter what. Here are the types in this set:


Serpent-Warrior - This monster cannot be used as payment by an opponents card effect. Treated as A Sea-Serpent OR Beast-Warrior(choose only 1).


Averion - Treated as a Winged beast. Battle damage to monsters is always 0. If this monster destroys a monster, it may attack twice if the attack is a direct attack.


Reaver - When this monster is destroyed in battle, your opponent must discard a card from either his hand or the top of the deck. Treated as a zombie.


Attachoid - Treated as machine. Equips onto a monster that destroys it. Allows you to fusion summon a monster that requires the monster equipped with the attachoid, sending the attachoid to the grave instead of the monster.


DarkAvvy.jpg [secret] HolyAvvy.jpg [ultra]


AquaAvatar.jpg [super] BlazeAvvy.jpg [super]


GeoxAvatar.jpg [super] VortissAvvy.jpg [ultra]


untitled-2.jpg [super] MysticAvvy.jpg [ultra]


FiendAvvy.jpg [Rare] ZombieAvvy.jpg [ultra]


DragonAvvy.jpg [super] WingedAvvy.jpg [super]


MythicAvvy.jpg [super] SerpentAvvy.jpg [ultra]


BeastAvvy.jpg [Rare] DinoAvvy.jpg [super]


ReptAvvy.jpg [Rare] Insect.jpg [ultra]


untitled.jpg [super] Fairy.jpg [Rare]


Metius.jpg [secret] AvvyMini.jpg [Common, Short Print]


AvvyLegion.jpg [Common] AvvySumm.jpg [Common]


AvvyTerram.jpg [Common] AvvySent.jpg [Common]


Shantinu.jpg [Rare] Panthinus.jpg [Rare]


Chago.jpg [Common] ChagoLv6.jpg[super]


Guadanii.jpg [Common] ChagoLv8.jpg [ultra]


GuadaniiLv8.jpg [ultra] Chagonii.jpg [Rare]


AvvyPrae.jpg [super] AvatarPatriot.jpg [super]


TransDimSoldier.jpg [Rare] TransDimFight.jpg [super]


TransDimeEngine.jpg [Rare] TransDimEngineer.jpg [Rare]


ThePub.jpg [Rare] RebelArms.jpg [Common]


Rebel1.jpg [Common] Rebel6.jpg [Common]


Rebel2.jpg [Common] Rebel5.jpg [Common]


Rebel3.jpg [Rare] Rebel4.jpg [Common]


Rebel8.jpg [Common] Rebel7.jpg [super]


Rebel9.jpg [Rare] RebelOutfit.jpg [super]


AvvySoul.jpg [Common] AvvyScourge.jpg [Common]


PromCitad.jpg [super] AvvyPact.jpg [super]


AvvyBond.jpg [Rare] Armaments.jpg [Common]


Stasis.jpg [Common] LRD.jpg [super]


RocketSupply.jpg [super] MarketSqr.jpg [Rare]


AvvyHeal.jpg [Rare] SSanct.jpg [Rare]


SerpGlid.jpg [Common] SerpRecover.jpg [Rare]


AvvyChron.jpg [Common] SerpEmiss.jpg [Common]


AvvyBurst.jpg [ultra] AvvyHunt.jpg [Rare]


AvvyShield.jpg [Common] AvvyAntis.jpg [Common]


AvvPar.jpg [super] AvvDoom.jpg [super]


AvvyElder.jpg [Common] AvvyRouge.jpg [Common]


RebelEngineering.jpg [Rare] RebelContractor.jpg [Rare]

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