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bastionsgirl's Fill in the Blank contest


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Benevolent Nymph


When this card is Normal Summoned, you may remove 3 Normal Spell Cards in your Graveyard from the game. Then, select 1 of the Spell Cards removed by this card and activate its effect.


Official Ruling: Benevolent Nymph activates the spell card's effect, not the card itself. So, like Diamon Dude, she can bypass the card's costs and requirements.

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?Destiny Hero ? Amgod? needs to be on the field during your opponent?s next Standby Phase for her effect to activate.

The effect basicly means that lets say i have 1000LP and my opponent has 8000LP

i summon Amgod and i gain 4000LP because thats half my opponents

my opponents LP stays at 8000

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Okay, it's Saturday, and you know what that means?


It's time to announce the winner of the contest.


*drumroll please*






Oh, and I declined to mention the prize, which is ONE REP!!!!


Once again, congrats to Max for winning.

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