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jw18's deck zombraic fusion


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my deck is the following


spell absorption


pot of greed

mystical space typhoon

giant trunade

dark snake syndrome

mask of the accursed


swords of revealing light

share the pain

fusion sage

bubble shuffle

now 4 trap cards

ultimate offering

a hero emerges

chthonian polmer

wall of revealing light

negate attack

magic cylinder

dust tornado

call of the haunted

raigeki break

negate attack

enchanted javelin

clay charge

time 4 monster cards

e-hero clayman



e-hero sparkman

e-hero avian

neo aqua madoor

gaia the fierce knight

metal armored bug

harpies brother

harpie lady

dark blade

millenium sheild

summoned skull

vorse raider

dark magician

now 4 effect monsters

e-hero bubbleman

vampire lord

harpie lady 2

exxod master of the guard

chaos command magician

giant rat

magician of faith

e-hero wildheart


moisture creature

sword hunter

vampire genesis

e-hero stratos

Last but not least fusions

e-hero mariner

e-hero thunder giant

super roboyarou

if anyone has some suggestions please post them

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