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More about me.....


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Just so you know....


1. I am a SUCCESS freak. This is not to be confused with an attention freak. It can be much better and much worse than that.


2. I am adamently for a principle I call 'Honorable force', and will not take a straight no for an answer when I oppose a perspective.


3. I never attack the person. As much as it may seem it, I always appreciate the nature of some people. It's your IDEAS and beliefs I may condemn you for.


4. I am a REBEL. I never listen to authority. It never has taught me, nor ever will. The ONLY way to overcome me is by 'Honorable Force'. Or would you rather you ban me all because of how adamently I uphold my beliefs, and only make the problem WORSE? (trust me, they always do...)



But that's the loophole of my 'Honorable Force'. If you are lucky enough to find a solid REASON that I can accept, I will capitulate. But... not one person yet has been able to honorably slay me yet, only ending in bannsville.

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