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Continental League Matches


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'Laddies and gentlemen today 8 competers all round the world will test their skill and courage against each other in these matches but only one can win this league!' 'but who will it be?'


I need 7 people to make a tournament so if your interested could you make your decks and play as the competer.


make like this (my character here):

Name: Jahous ?

Age: 15

Deck (must be real)(some can be made-up if you show me them and their effects): Hinotama

Bio: He was orphaned at birth so he had no last name. After a weird month he started to like fire and started to make a pyro deck. (Deck cards are in written cards/league cards


I'll tell more later...

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We need a new section for tournaments. Ill use my brand new deck!


Name: Jamin Tsubasa

Age: 16

Deck: Jewels of the Dragons

Bio: Has dueled for 3 and a half years and has put together numerous decks' date=' however only 3 hold his highest respect.[/quote']

Jewels of the dragons.. that sounds so wrong. :)


Ill post one soon

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