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Light Contest

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1) must be a light attribute monster

2) no more than 4 stars

3) must have an effect

4) no overpowering or underpowering

5) you can only post one card


what you make will be judged on art, playability, and if i like it or not. btw, i can be a pretty harsh judge and i dont really like it when the card is not worded like an actual card.


anyway, contest ends on monday if i have enough entries (at least 4 or 5)


winner gets a rep and 10-15 points. 2nd place gets one rep.

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Benevolent Nymph


When this card is Normal Summoned, you may remove 3 Normal Spell Cards in your Graveyard from the game. Then, select 1 of the Spell Cards removed by this card and activate its effect.


Official Ruling: Benevolent Nymph activates the spell card's effect, not the card itself. So, like Diamon Dude, she can bypass the card's costs and requirements.

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Whoop. I rule, almost.


I think I've discovered the only person capable of beating me in contest ?_?......God Kaze....

Lol, I'm just that good. From what I understand you always won any contest you entered. Well, this is just a chance to start a healthy rivalry between creators.

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