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TotalObelisk's deck 3 - Jewels of the dragons

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I built this deck from the cards I got when I went to the FOTB pre-release event, I also had to trade a few/ Luckily I got two Ultra rares I didn't need and people were haggling me for them.



Gem Beast Amber Mammoth

Gem Beast Cobalt Eagle

Gem Beast Sapphire Pegasus

Gem Beast Amephyst Cat x2

Gem Beast Ruby Carbuncule x3

Gem Beast Emerald Turtle

Gem Beast Topaz Tiger

Magna Slash Dragon x2

Gravi-Smash Dragon x2

Mei-Kou, Master of Barriers x3

Dweller in the Depths x3



Crystal Blessing x3

Crystal Promise x3

Crystal Beacon

Lucky Iron Axe

Crystal Abundance

Field Barrier

Rainbow City Ruins




Secrets of the Gallant

Pole Position

Last Resort

Crystal Raigeki

Hard-Sellin' Zombie x2

Gem Flash Energy x2

Triggered Summon

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And that means what?


I got these at a pre-release. Meaning I'm one of few people who actually had Gem Beasts (course there is actually a heck of a lot of people, but I'm talking in terms of world scale here).


So unless you guys went, you won't be getting these for another month or so, but I know some other people on this forum went.

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