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Foenix's Evil Warrior Deck

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This is the Deck that has been my best for a while now, possibly because I always trade for new warrior-type monsters. This deck has gone through many different stages, even including some of my Amazonesses. There are no longer any normal monsters in it.

Now that I got some six samurai monsters in booster packs, I'm not sure if I should switch some of my cards or what:

(changes are in Parantheses)


21 Monsters:

2(2 or more tribute)

Gilford the Lightning

Buster Blader


3(1 tribute)

Total Defense Shogun

Freed the Matchless General

The Fiend Megacyber


16(no tribute)

2x Command Knight

Marauding Captain

Karate Man (was Nubian Guard)

The Six Samurai-Nisashi (was Hayabusa Knight)

The Six Samurai-Nisashi (was Mataza the Zapper)

Gearfried the Iron Knight

The Six Samurai-Irou (was Mystic Swordsman LV2)

The Six Samurai-Irou (was Sasuke samurai)

The Six Samurai-Kamon (was Trap Master)

Obnoxious Celtic Guard

Blade Knight

Armed Samurai-Ben Kei

Cliff the Trap Remover

Sasuke Samurai #4

D.D. Survivor


6 Trap cards


Negate Attack

Sakuretsu Armor (was Mask of Weakness)

Hidden Book of Spell

Chain Burst

Seven Tools of the Bandit

Jar of Greed


13 Magic Cards


3x The A. Forces


3x Lightning Blade

2x Fusion Sword Murasame Blade

Magic reflector

Lightning Vortex

The Warrior Returning Alive

Tribute Doll (was Fairy of the Spring, but I considered Special Hurricane instead)


What do you think of these changes?

My own issues are that The Six Samurai make me lose a bit of my star-rating diversity (susceptible to Four-Star Lady Bug of Doom) and require each other to actually use their effects. The good part is that they have much more attack than their predecessors. This deck's strategy is to surprise an opponent with overwhelming attack.

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I just got Brave Freed the Wanderer.


Now I wish my deck had more Light-Attribute monsters.


Anyone know any good light warriors (particularly four star or lower). I have D.D. Warrior Lady and Gilford the Lightning.

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