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Foenix's Malevolent Healing Deck

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20 Monsters:


2 Tribute

Sphinx Teleia

Andro Sphinx


1 Tribute

Roc from the Valley of Haze


No Tribute

Homunculus the Alchemic Being

Jirai Gumo

Penquin Soldier (was Chaosrider gustaph)

Penquin Soldier (was Amazoness Swords woman)

Mysterious Puppeteer

Ancient Lamp (no La Jinn, sorry)

Wall of Illusion x2

Jowls of Dark Demise

The Immortal of Thunder x3


Burning Algae x2

Mask of Darkness x2


Trap Cards


Bad Reaction to Simochi x3

Astral Barrier x2

Spirit Barrier x2

The Paths of Destiny

Sakuretsu Armor

Bottomless Trap Hole


Magic Cards


Rain of Mercy x3

Upstart Goblin x3

Mystic Box

Creature swap x2

Snatch Steal

A Feather of the Phoenix


Before you criticize some card choices, figure out the strategy of this deck.

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