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Card Review: The Immortal of Thunder

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Set: MRD-099, DB2-EN059

4 Stars

Type: Thunder

Attribute: Light

FLIP: Increase your life points by 3000 points. After this card is flipped, when it is sent to the graveyard, you lose 5000 life points.


This card has been scoffed at by players since it came out. By itself it's a bad card. It is, however, fairly workable in certain situations:


IoT+Penquin Soldier= By returning IoT to your hand, you can gain the lp without losing it. The second time you play IoT, even if he's destroyed, there's a net gain of 1000 lp, but you can try to return him an penquin soldier multiple times for more lp.


IoT+Skill Drain=Use 1000 of the lp you get from IoT to activate Skill Drain so that you don't lose lp when he dies.


IoT+Creature Swap/Mystic Box+Blade Knight, etc=Give your opponent your flip-summoned IoT so you already gained the life points and attack it with the more powerful monster BK. When IoT is sent to the graveyard, you won't take the damage from his effect.



Playablitity: 4/10 (needs other cards to be any good)

Art: 5/10 (crazy old guy)

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Unfortunately the little bugger doesn't quite work like that. His effect works like sangan's. When your opponent controls sangan and it's sent to the grave, you (not your opponent) gets the 1500 or less ATK monster from your deck. The same goes for the Damage you would take. Even if your opponent controls it when it's destroyed you take 5k worth of damage.

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Does that effect realy activate in the graveyard? I know Sangan's does, but....


crap. There goes everything.


But can you redirect the damage with Barrell Behind the Door, and if not, can you show me where it says this?

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http://www.netrep.net < EVERY YGO RULING



[Re: Banisher of the Light] Effects that trigger when cards are sent to the Graveyard, such as "Sangan", "Witch of the Black Forest", "Mystic Tomato", "The Immortal of Thunder" and "Last Will", will not activate.


[Re: Barrel Behind the Door] "Barrel Behind the Door" can only be activated against DAMAGE. It cannot be activated against costs like "Imperial Order" or "Wall of Revealing Light". It cannot be activated against effects that cause you to lose Life Points like "The Immortal of Thunder". It cannot be activated against effects that switch damage, like another "Barrel Behind the Door", because they do not inflict damage, they simply transfer it.


[Re: Blade Knight] If "Blade Knight" destroys "The Immortal of Thunder", its effect is negated. If your opponent had already gained the 3000 Life Points, then your opponent does not lose the 5000 Life Points. If "Blade Knight" attacked "The Immortal of Thunder" while it was face-down, your opponent neither gains nor loses Life Points from "The Immortal of Thunder"'s effect.

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I wish they had all these rulings on the official website. I'm sure some of them aren't there.


So I guess one can creature swap IoT and Blade Knight it.


Man, I guess they really want me to hate that card.


(Edited original post)

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