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"Cloning Process" Trap Card for Fusion Monster support [UPDATED]


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Cloning Process



Activate this card only when you successfully Fusion Summon a monster from your Extra Deck. When you activate this card, place 1 Genetic Counter on it. At each of your Standby Phases, place one Genetic Counter on this card (max 3). During your Main Phase only, you can remove 3 Genetic Counters from this card to Summon 1 "Monster Clone Token", whose ATK, DEF and effect are identical to those of the Fusion Monster summoned. This token's name is treated as the Fusion Monster summoned's name. When there are no Genetic Counters on this card, destroy it.


I BELIEVE the OCG is more or less okay, please do correct me should you see anything I may have missed.


As per response to my previous criticisms pertaining to my pictures, I have made them less blurry (the 'blur' is still there but it's much more subtle now).


I invite constructive criticism!




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