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Demon's Souls


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There was an old topic about it but that died.


Anyways, lately I've retaken to playing this game along with Josh.(Icyblue for those that live under a rock)


And it's gotten me hooked, again.


It's an RPG that revolves around Souls, Demons, and Death.


Basically, currency in the game is Souls. You get souls from slaying enemies, and you use them to buy things and to upgrade weaponry along with ores. The enemies are Soul starven men and creatures(depending on the location). Each location has three zones, and each zone has a boss. The bosses are called Demons, which give you their Souls once you've slain them. These Souls are special ones that can be used to upgrade weapons to a unique one and be used to learn unique spells. At the end of the second zone, you fight the location boss, or an ArchDemon.


When you die, you resurrect in 'soul form' you basically have only half of your health in this form. You also have a 'body form' which is your alive body. In it you gain max health and what not. Every time you die in body form the location becomes harder as enemies become much more difficult.


This game is brutal. If you keep dieing in Body form it actually makes the game harder, albeit with better drops.


So yeah, discuss.

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