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[LOCK] DBZ Budokai Question on YCM?!?! NVM...LOCK


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WTF are you doing JIMMYTRON?!

I don't know...maybe someone can help me...that's why I'm asking...


Question: What are the controls for DBZ Budokai 1 for the GameCube?


I'm talking about the controls for the moves like the Kamehameha Wave and etc.


If you post an answer...DON'T POST A LINK PLEASE.


Never Mind YCM

Never Mind YCM

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If I'm right, it should be A,A,A,A,X is the Kamehameha and other such moves with other characters.


Punch, Punch, Punch, Punch, Ki Blast.


Rep please?





Ki Blast-X

To turn Super Saiyan/Kami Piccolo/Perfect Cell/etc, I believe it's L+R+Z. It's one of the shoulder buttons +Z definitely though.


I've had Budokai 2 for GC, so I know. I've played Budokai series on both GC and PS2.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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