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The Game of Doubt. Who do you Trust? ((Chp. 1. Pt. 2 is out for public viewing))


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Okay so this is my first Fan Fic. It started out as an idea for a RP but I decided it might be fun to write a Fan Fic.


The Game of Doubt. Who do you trust.


[spoiler=Chapter One. Part One. The Introductions]

“Let’s see here. Arcade. Arcade.” A 16 year old boy with bright pink hair and piercing green eyes said to himself, while walking down the street. His name was Jecht Whyu and he was searching for the arcade obviously. He had a tight black t-shirt that said: 'You better go to sleep with one eye open tonight.' with a pair of blue jeans. Then saw a sign that in big yellow letter read: ARCADE. “Well, I guess this is the place.” He said as he walked into the door. The place was practically deserted. The old games looked like they haven’t been touched in years, “Not the best place to meet I suppose.” Jecht said glancing around at the arcade but then saw a cute girl with long brown hair, with a long streak of white running down the side, typing on a laptop. She had on a button down, bright pink shirt, with a very short skirt. She also had on a pair of box glasses. She was laying down on a couch that was in the arcade with her knees up and resting her back on the arm rest. “Well, I guess this isn’t so bad after all.” He said staring at the girl.

The girl with the laptop noticed Jecht looking at her and rolled her eyes. “May I help you?” She asked with a snooty attitude.

“Yes, actually,” He said looking over her shoulder and at the laptop. She was writing a report for school, despite it being spring break. At the top it read: GREEK MYTHOLOGY BY: HANA CHAMPION. He could now see that she had brown eyes and wore many different trinkets around her neck. “, Hana. I’m Jecht and I’m here for ‘the game’.”

“Oh you are, are you?” The girl known as Hana questioned. “You don’t look like someone who would find any appeal for this.”

“All I know, is I find a lot of appeal for you.” Jecht said smiling at her. Then felt a great pressure on his right shoulder. He turned around to see a guy with short brown hair and a lot of muscle, who was a lot bigger and stronger than Jecht with his hand clenched on Jecht’s shoulder. He had on a a football jersy on with a huge football jacket on it.

“Back off bucko. We wouldn’t want nothin’ bad to happen to ya.” He said releasing his grip.

“Is that a threat?” Jecht said challengingly.

“Let’s just say it’s a warning.” He said with a twisted smile. He walked over to Hana and sat down beside her. “Is this guy bothering you Hana?”

“No. In fact he was doing the exact opposite of that.” Hana replied obviously annoyed with the guy.

“And just who do you think you are? Going around threatening people.” Jecht said not finished with the guy just yet. The guy stood up again showing off just how much larger he was than Jecht,

“I’m Dante. Her brother.” Dante replied staring down at Jecht. His hand reached down for his pocket and Jecht saw that he grabbed something but he wasn’t eager to find out what it was.

“Oh, I guess I’ll just be going then.” He said walking across the room and sitting opposite of them. Dante nodded at him with a satisfied smile on his face.



[spoiler=Chapter 1 Part 2. The Introductions cont.]

Chp.1 Pt.2 The Introduction cont.



“Hey, don’t back down to him.” Said a guy with long black hair and half of it hanging over his right side of his face. He looked like he was around 24 years old. He had a long sleeve shirt on. On it was a design of a dragon fighting a white tiger.

“What was I suppose to do? Dude had a knife in his pocket.” Jecht said to the unknown person.

“Here, I can take care of myself. Take it.” He said handing Jecht a small pocket knife. Jecht opened up the knife. One half of the knife was white, the other half was black. On one side it read: Yin. On the other it read: Yang.

“You seem like a really . . . spiritual person.” Jecht said looking for the right word to use.

“No.” He said bluntly. “I just believe in balance. I’m Adonis.” Adonis said holding out his hand.

“I’m Jecht.” He said gripping his hand. “You here for the game?” Adonis smiled.

“Exactly.” He replied but then turned his head to see an old man walking in using a cane. He had long white hair that reached to his shoulders. And bright blue eyes that burned with wisdom.

“Hello?” He called out. “Is this where the game is??” Jecht looked confused. The old man looked like he was about to die any second. How could he be apart of the game? Somebody else walked in behind the old man with a black hoodie on.

“Move old man.” He said shoving the old man’s shoulder to get past.

“Hey!” The old man yelled and hit the guy in the hoodie in the back with his cane.

“Watch who you’re hitting with that stick, old man.” The guy threatened.

“Back in my day we respected our elders.”

“Well, respect this.” The guy said moving in the punch him but was stopped cold by a well aimed kicked in the side by the old man. The guy doubled over in pain.

“I said for you respect me.” The old man said with a smile and walked over to the wall and stood against it.

“Wow. I guess you should never judge a book by its cover.” Jecht said with a small smile. Well, then. The text I got said this game consisted of wolves. It didn’t say how many. Anybody could be a wolf. All we are are rabbits ready for the picking’. One of them must be imposing for a rabbit. Jecht thought looking at the people that surrounded him. All of them here for the game of the Rabbits and the Wolves. Then he saw Hana getting up and setting down her laptop. She walked into the girl’s bathroom.



((I'm kinda lazy so the chapter parts are kinda short. Sorry. ))

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