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T-Shirt Designing =D


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I do. Alot.


I use to want to be in a graphic designing business for shirts and what not, but I let that go.


My mom was actually a graphic designer in her teenage years through collage working on shirts and all that jazz.


Now we just design plain shirts ourselves for the hell of it. Plus, it's useful for cosplay.


Though you should've gotten fabric pens.

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You like Rammstein.



Where did you get the pens? Do the paint dissapear in the machine?

Not tried it yet' date=' but they say their water-resistant, and the pens are for like signatures on clothes etc, so I wouldn't think they run. xD[/b']

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I make my own bloomers and lots of accessories that I can't find anywhere, like mini top hats.


When I need shirts I crop and edit the pics I want and get it printed at the shirt shop, at least I'm sure it looks fine then.


Sometimes I add lace or something but just when I'm sure it's going to be good. Because I don't want to ruin something that was already fine unless it's a plain cheap shirt.


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