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this deck = Good???


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D'ya think this is good? i ocnstruted 3 sets of cards last noght cos' i was bored -_-if you dint think this is good just say " i dot like it, try replacin' some cards" or something will do


Destroyer Golem

Warrior Dai Grepher


Defence Fly Dragon LV7

Masked Dragon

Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV4

Moonlight Female Fighter

Element Dragon

Feral Imp

Great White

Dark Blade


Machine Defender


Darkworld Thorns

Warrior of Zera

Witty Phantom

Gazelle the King if Mythical Beasts


Final Countdown

Bastillia of Rampart Smashing

Counter Cleaner

Soul Exchange

Guard Penalty

Senet Swich

Dark Snake Syndrome

Mesmeric Control

Heavy StormX2

Dark Hole

Magical Mallet

Enemy Controller


Good Goblin Housekeeping

Ultimate Offering

Rare Metalmorph

Trap Jammer


Good Goblin Out of the Frying Pan

Chain Detonation

Magic Cylinder

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these are PURE legal cards, not YCM made. Try speaking to your freinds about old cards, darkworld thorns IS the earliest card i remember, just cos its old doesnt mean its illeagal, my freinds bring in stuff like blue eyes w. dragon all the time! Seriusly, half the cards were traded (i payed friggin 3 parts of exodia for some O.o) Soooo....your wrong, pwned

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Heavy Storm is at 1 and Dark Hole is Banned


Read the Ban List


And pick a theme. What do you want your deck to focus on?


Right now' date=' it's too random to help fix.



ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh. the deck is basically a random deck, not based off anything but a mix deck like yugi's is and i cant make a replacement for Dark hole and hevy storm cuz either tribute cards that i cant play or fuison cards that i dont have cards for sooooooo :'/ AKWARD

Konami release a list of which cards are restricted to use.

You can only use 1 Heavy Storm and no Dark Holes' date=' because they're too good.



ahem, jabber alredy explained this i alredy replied so .......WTH


2 random cards replacin for dark hole and heavy storm!

Wonder garage and synthetic Sphearim

they mean nothing i know but there just replacements, my freind uses dark hold all the time, better go tell him!

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I suggest looking at the two links I've given you.


The first is a Deckbuilding guide. The second is the current Advanced Format Ban List. Most offical tournaments use this list. There are some places that hold Traditional tournaments as well. In that case, all Forbidden cards are LIMITED. Nothing else changes.





I also suggest looking at the Yugioh wikia's deck types and pick one you like. Or, if you really want a good deck, buy 3 copies of the Machina Mayhem Structure deck. You can easily build a tournament-winning deck with 3 MM and a few staples.

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