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Why not? Fortune Ladies

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Ok, just a fyi, I have NO idea what I'm doing with Fortune Ladies, so if I fail horribly, that's why. LET THE FAILURE COMMENCE.


Monsters: [21]


2| Catoblepas and the Witch of Fate

1| Chaos Sorcerer

1| Dark Armed Dragon

2| Dimensional Alchemist

3| Fortune Lady Dark

2| Fortune Lady Fire

3| Fortune Lady Light

3| Fortune Lady Water

1| Fortune Lady Wind

2| Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer


Spells: [15]


1| Allure of Darkness

1| Brain Control

3| Fortune's Future

3| Future Visions

1| Giant Trunade

1| Heavy Storm

2| Magical Dimension

1| Mystical Space Typhoon

1| One-for-one

1| Terraforming


Traps: [4]


1| Call of the Haunted

1| Mirror Force

1| Return from the Different Dimension

1| Torrential Tribute


Total: 40

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