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The Dissapearence of Hatsune Miku Tag

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It's hard for me to work with flow, because I just don't seem to get it >____<

Elaborate on how I could add flow, that'd be great.


I've been trying to find some more effects to use within the BG, but I'm just trying to work on making a simple tag look great. And then go from there. So far, no results.


Lighting is another thing I don't know how to do, which I'll look into soon.


And basically, thanks for the CnC.

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This is my first time trying to make a black and white sig because the background stock and the render didn't match at all. I tried using some color gradients, but I thought it'd be best to just go with b&w.


Though, mkay, I'll go back to colored sigs and work from there.


Thanks for the comment. I'll think of anime scenes from now on, that's a good way to get an image in mind for a sig.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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