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[spoiler=Notice]I Created this In pure Curosity, if this gets Bigger then I actually anticipated then Kudos goes to all thosse whom join.



[Align=center][spoiler=Members List] [spoiler=Owner]ToRmEnTeD


[spoiler=Co-Owners]JrToRmEnT and Chrid97

[spoiler= Master Mods]

[spoiler= Hero Mods]

[spoiler=Constant Poster]







Yay for Codmw2 Names!



[Align=Center][spoiler=Rank Descripition] Owner; Only Me I decide what goes on when it goes on and why its gunna happen.


Co-Owners; Two of 'em at the moment its only my brother but however signs up for the Club first gets it, They can ban people without my consent.


Master Mods: they Decide whats happens in the guild of im away or any of the co-owners are away, they can ban people without my consent.


Hero Mods: This rank is reached when Specific targets are met, hero mods can ban people with my consent.


Constant Posters: This rank is reached when you have a total of 30 Posts.


SSDD: This rank is reahced when you have a total of 15 Posts.


FNG: This rank is reached when you first join the club.



[spoiler=App Form] Username:

Reason For Joining;






This club as i said is being created in pure amusement; Im just Decideing it to be more about card making and General Disscussion however sometimes we will have debates and Card Contests.

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