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awesome pokemon yugioh cards.

kuriboh fan

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Let's see:

-The Normal Monsters are too powerful. The maximum amount of points that a Normal Monster can have before it's OPed is between 2500 and 3000. The only way to make these balanced is to either lower their points to 3000 and under, or make them effect monsters that have major drawbacks to them.

-I do not mind the inclusion of Normal Monsters, but not when there are more than half of them in a Set without any Support Cards.

-The first 3 images could be better (include a background, use a Pichu image that's not from Smash Bros, etc)

-You posted Dialga twice

-Several OCG errors, eg:

sacrifice= tribute

this monster= this card

-Why is Pichu a Fiend? There are some much more accurate choices, such as Thunder-Type and Beast-Type.


Overall, these cards do need some adjustments to them. 3/10. I hope my comments can help you make these a lot better.

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