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Biker Infantry Vs. VK & The Doctor

Great Unclean One: VK

Who shall previal?  

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  1. 1. Who shall previal?

    • The Biker Infantry
    • VK & The Doctor
    • Larxene

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Battlefield: Desert with a long Highway, sunny and middle of the day, hot.


8 biker Infantry Vs. VK and the Doctor


[spoiler= Biker Infantry]




Weapons of choice: Steel chains, machetes, and M4A1 Carbine with rail system, and with foregrip along with Holographic sights.


Teamwork: Usually focus fire, otherwise chaotic.


Armor: Nothing but helmets, masks, and light body armor or no armor at all.


Mode of transport: Harley Davidson motor bikes.



Ex- U.S. Army soldiers, they had taken to the road and are a group of convicts now. They were hired by the U.S. Army to take down 2 dangerous men.....





[spoiler= VK & The Doctor]





Weapons of Choice

VK: AK-74U, a Thumper with 2 rounds.


The Doctor: Dragunov Sniper rifle, the Bizon submachine gun, and a RPG with 2 rounds.



VK: A ballistic hockey mask, black jeans, red striped boxers, and a white t-shirt.


The Doctor: Glasses, a black hoodie, black jeans, and a black t-shirt.


Teamwork: They both work well together, usually VK is the distraction while the Doctor snipes.



2 men who are insane and blood thirsty. They both strive for world domination, VK wanting to rule through love, caring, and compassion. While the Doctor wants to rule in a manner similar to Joesph Stalin.





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