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New Crusader Cards


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There is no battle during the Damage Step. Have Battle Phase instead.


send should be discard


For Fusion and Synchro monsters, you need to have " outside each name. Just look at a TCG fusion card.


For Allie, I think that 1000 is too much of a decrease. Try 700 or 500 instead.


For Selene, I would instead increase its ATK by the ATK of the selected monster rather than it becoming the ATK of the selected monster.


FLIP: Draw cards from your deck equal to the amount of "Youthful Crusader Squire" cards in your Graveyard +1. Increase your Life Points by 500 for each Warrior-Type monster drawn by this effect.


I think instead of Swift being returned to your hand, it should be "negate the activation and effect of the Trap Card and destroy it."


Overall, 8.5/10

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