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[|\/|] Simorgh Hurricane (WC10) [|\/|]


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So after making a Darklord Deck, I found another small, what I consider a sub-archetype, Simorgh.




Total 41


Monsters 22


1x Gale

1x Caius

2x Dark Simmy

2x Diamond Dude

2x Malicious

3x Harpie Queen

2x Krebons

2x Mist Valley Soldier

1x Raiza

2x Shield Wing

2x Simorgh, Bird of Ancestry

2x Simorgh, Bird of Divinity


Spells 11


1x Allure

1x B-Con

1x D-Draw

1x Double Summon

1x E-Tele

1x Trunade

3x Herpes Proving Ground

1x Heavy

1x MST


Traps 8


2x Bottomless

1x CoTH

1x Mirror Force

1x Solemn

1x TT

2x Waboku


WHAT DO I NEED? I feel this build is horrible but I want to keep the focus around the 3 Simorgh monsters

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