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has launched the world’s first steam washing machine which it claims will do the ironing.The LG steam washing machine has also been given a face-lift. As part of the effort to pioneer the stylistic evolution of electronic appliances and satisfy changing consumer demand, the company is adding various colours to traditionally white home appliance products.LG joins up with Designers Guild to launch a stunning new range of limited edition Steam Washing Machines. The limited edition Steam Direct Drive comes in four stylish prints.When you are searching for a good washing machine, you may have come across a few of them labelled as steam washing machines.Smith, Zach What Are the Main Benefits of a Steam Washing Machine Compared to Regular Washers?. What Are the Main Benefits of a Steam Washing Machine Compared to Regular Washers.Steam washing machines use less power and consume less water than conventional models. A little bit of water can produce a lot of steam, which expands to take up more volume.LG is driving innovation in home appliance technology through products such as the world's first interactive refrigerator and the steam washing machine. LG DAC is building new growth opportunities in built-in kitchen appliances, commercial air conditioners and networked home appliances.Often, steam washing machines have options to add steam to normal cycles, in addition to the special cycles that already incorporate steam. But the user isn't tied to steam washing.excellent machines for that amount and less. With the LG steam washing machine, like the Dyson CR01 the high price is not for extra high build quality (although quality should still be decent) but for innovation and technical features.

  The LG Steam Washing Machine features the dual spray system, which sprays steam on the laundry for 40 min to improve washing performance and help rid it of harmful germs.Well steam seems to be the talking point of the moment in kitchen appliances. You’ll have seen my recent shopping blog about steam ovens, well how about a .A isn’t something I’ve tried, but I certainly like the idea, and I’d love to hear just how good it is in practice from any shopping blog readers who have one. Well, how good is it.The LG Steam washing machine is the world’s first , which makes washing more environmentally friendly by using less electricity and water.LG Electronics has unveiled a Steam Washing Machine for the Korean market that is designed to incorporate innovative steam technology in the washing process. The LG Steam Washing Machine comes in different colours including silver and white and consumers can choose from among a variety of coloured panels. Kim added.And the LG Steam Washing Machine is just one example of that dedication to innovation and to the communities and industries in which we serve and lead, said Yoo Yoon Ki, Manager - Overseas Sales & Marketing of LG Electronics' Digital Appliance Company.The limited edition LG Steam Washing Machine will enter the market in June 2006 (Imperial Flower, Sevilla and Ribailagua).One more advantage of these Steam Washing Machines is that they are eco-friendly and use 35% less water and 21% less energy than traditional washers.

  The steam washing machine can clean itself on a tub clean program. You need to do this on an empty drum and add anti-limescale cleaner in the washing compartment. Steam washing machines have been around for a couple of years now, but never really taken off.

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