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Hoping to earn a version of 'Card Maker'


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Doubtful, but could I persuade you to freely make an alternate version of the card maker?

I would not ask you if I wasn't so serious about making another card game.


You see, the card game, while simular, is also VERY different, possibly better. And this is the ONLY site that can provide such a thing as I know of.


So... I cannot afford to take NO as an answer, especially as my future is at stake.


Alas, money is out of the question. I may be able to make an agreement, however.



So... here I am asking POLITELY for your interest in this special project. If you agree, I will explain the card game I plan on making on another post.

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Well, I think you realise alot of time and effort goes into the Yugioh Card Maker from YCMaker, and I'm quite sure he's the only one who knows how to make such a program, so good luck, but I don't think this site is the right place to ask.

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we will see. But I could use help to jump it foreward? Perhaps pm me more links I should try, that would (possibly) agree?


It's worse, however. I will be forever unable to even earn the $3500 for it to take the next step.


But let's keep with this step for now, ok?




Next... I think I need to prove I am worthy of making this card game, even if it's a good one.


So... to keep me on my toes, it would be prudent to sometimes leave opinions of the cards I make here, ok? No force, but please?

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