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When in South America, watch out for Dragons that pwn your butt.


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2x Oracle

2x Ascator

2x Supay

2x Apocatequil

2x Honest

2x CyDra

1x Kuraz

1x Sirocco

1x DAD

1x Gale

1x Sorc

1x Sangan

1x Trag



3x Book

2x Ancient Forest

1x BCon

1x MCon

1x Enemy Controller

1x Storm

1x MST

1x Allure



3x D.Prison

2x Bottomless

1x Mirror Force

1x TT (srsly, TT is smex in this Deck)

1x Call

1x Solemn

1x Beckoning Light



2x Inti

2x Quilla

1x Armor Master

10x Generic

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