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my ultimate elemental dragon deck

Roidrage Machismo

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Guest Delinquent Girl NiAtSoFi

hi guys. i'm billy barker a card maker who is better than the rest of you. my cards are overpowered and i was creative when i made them so shut up!


if you critcize me, i'll flame you and send my personal army to neg rep you to death. just say my cards rule and move on with your stupid noob lifes.








[spoiler=[size=x-large]APRIL FOOL'S!!!! HERE ARE THE REAL CARDS!!!![/size]]




Mortune Lady Mokey

When this card is Special Summoned while you control a face-up Fairy-type monster except "Mortune Lady Mokey", draw 2 cards.



Amazoness War Goddess

1 Warrior-type Synchro Monster + 1 "Amazoness" monster or "Amazon Archer"

All monsters your opponent controls lose 200 ATK and DEF x the combined Levels of all face-up "Amazoness" monsters and "Amazon Archers" on the field. Negate the effects of Effect Monsters destroyed by battle with "Amazoness" monsters and "Amazon Archers" you control.




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