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Fabled dec

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i just made this deck please tell me what you think.



3 Fabled Dianaira

3 Fabled Krus

2 Fabled Raven

2 Guardian Of Order

2 Honest

1 Morphing jar

3 The Fabled Cerburrel

1 The Fabled Chawa

3 The Fabled Nozochee

2 The Fabled Rubyruda



1 B-con

1 Card Destruction

3 Dark world dealing

1 LV

1 PoA

2 Trade-In



2 Beckoning light

2 bottomless

1 CoTH

1 M-force

2 Phoenix Wing wind blast

1 T-tribute


Extra deck

1 Black rose

1 Brionac

2 Fabled Leviathan

3 Fabled Regin

2 Fabled Valkyrus

1 goyo

1 light end dragon

1 lightning warior

1 stardust

1 the fabled kudabbi

1 the fabled unicore

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GoO its Actualy prety good in this deck i was iffy about it myself untill i played tested it. u can special summon the card if you have two light monsters. so many of my cards are special summoned when they get discarded to the grave card so it has helped me.plus it is trade in target is there another card that i can neg for grimlo?

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