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[Untitled] A Yu-Gi-Oh Fanfic


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It started with Canada. No one would question a nation joined to America, no one would accuse them of stockpiling nuclear weapons, or secretly developing a military machine. But they were, for years the Canadians seemed like a neutral nation content to stay out of trouble on the war front, that is, until they invaded and conquered America without warning. Until, in a nuclear blast, they decimated England. Russia rose to oppose Canada, but Germany supported the Canadians. China rose to back Russia. And Japan to Canada's side. The war continued like this until every civilized nation across the globe was involved.


The world is in the grips of World War III. Death and destruction abound. Each nation is looking out only for it's self, short of a few loose alliances. The war has raged now for 9 long years. The casualties are countless. Bodies still littering the streets over much of the world. And still the guns haven't fallen silent, still there has been no peace. Not after the fall of Poland. Not after the conquest of Greece.


In an attempt to bring closure to the war, a meeting between the leaders and representatives of the world's nations was called. They decided that while conventional warfare would, at this stage continue, some form of alternate resolution was required. After much arguing about what this might be, the representative for Japan suggested Dueling. One-on-one matches in which one nation's chosen Duelist would be pitted against another, with the interests of their respective countries at stake. At first, the idea was mocked and laughed at. But over time, it became apparent that Dueling was the way to go. Duelists abounded, buying cards was cheaper then weapons manufacture, and realistically, anyone can be taught to duel. This is a story about the chosen Duelists of many nations, battling, some for peace, some for control, and still others for survival.



Characters will be introduced in the fic, once they have been, a biography will be posted here.





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