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Powerman 5000! Hevy Hard Rock Metal BAND!!!!!

nuclear beast

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If you haven't heard of them and you like rock music,YOU ARE CRAZY! These guys rock hard.Between Heavy metal and nu metal this band is one of the best.I'm not kidding around a bought this,If you like rock music listen to this band! There famous songs,Drop the bombshell,

When Worlds Collide.

Ultra mega.

Super Villain.

Show me what you got.

And many many more, If you like Chaos rock This is the band for

you. POWERMAN 5000 RISE!

And this the kind of music you should listen too when you watch a Godzilla movie,action,future war,and a horror movie.

RISE TO THE MEANINGLESS....Rise to the Go!8)

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The songs I have by that band on my iPod are Bombshell, Tonight the Stars Revolt, When Worlds Collide and Free.


They don't really have a continuous style, they changed from album to album, but I found some good ones, so I'm happy with that.


Rammstein are better.

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